Mac Rumors Speculation on an Apple Tablet

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    A few years ago (7/8) I was working in education and had close interest with Apple's ACOT (Apple's Classrooms of Tomorrow) research project. There was an Apple produced CD highlighting aspects of this project and how it could enhance education with handheld devices, wireless/internet technology, digital cameras etc. The example shown was on a field study trip. Remember this was 7/8 years ago before a lot of this was even anywhere near education establishments in the UK.

    Anyway to my point. There was also an example there of some form of tablet device (NOT the eMate) where folders and documents could be moved around screen, into trash with a PDA type quill. Other features was a video/webcam version of iChat. It was running a full Apple OS.

    Unfortunately when I left the post - I left the CD. So if anybody has any old ACOT CD's lying around.....
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    [quote]Originally posted by Aries 1B:

    <strong>More happy Tablet noise:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    Aries 1B</strong><hr></blockquote>

    First let me say I'm 'all for' an Apple Tablet and I'm also pretty sure they are working on something but that being said... After reading and rereading that MacRumors 'report' I'm still have no idea what the heck it was posted for... Does it add ANY new info at all? If it did I sure missed it... seems to me it's just a recap of old rumors.


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    MacRumors seems to just be re-stating previous rumors. Nothing new. Obviously Apple is working on various devices. As in any R&D endeavour, only a small fraction of the products ever come to market. Soooo, until something appears it's nice talking and speculating, but only the higher ups at Apple know what is coming, and they ain't telling!
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