Palm Tungsten T & iSync 1.0

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Hey all!

Anybody here have a Tungsten? Using Bluetooth to sync with iSync? I've read the Apple Discussions and the Palm Support info, but would like some more first-hand experience info.

This would be my first PDA since the Palm IIIx, and would love to use Bluetooth to do it. Is there any way around having to install Palm (crapped on my) Desktop 4.0, though?

Thanks for the info!

- Johnny Dangerously


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    bill mbill m Posts: 324member
    My wife's iBook 800 with a Belkin bluetooth usb adapter works great with iSync and her Palm Tungsten.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    If you want to Sync the Tungsten at all, you have to install Palm Desktop 4. And if you want to sync via Bluetooth, it has to be the one from the CD in the Tungsten's box... the download version won't work.
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