Sonica for iMac 17 1GHz

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In a review in CoolMac website, it was indicated that you have to un-plug and plug the device back in every time you start up or restart your Mac.

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I wonder why...I was planning to use the Sonica to enhance sound for my switch to iMac 17 (yes after 19 yrs with PC) but this plug-unplug seems weird!

Any help?????????????


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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    That is odd. But how often do you restart your mac? I mean, it's not a PC.

    [quote][iBook:~] serrano% uptime

    9:53PM up 5 days, 8:07, 3 users, load averages: 0.44, 0.37, 0.28<hr></blockquote>

    The 10.2.4 update killed my uptime.
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    I can't say I've noticed that but then I don't think I've restarted since I installed it.

    I did however get the freeze on install that the author blamed on Mac OS X.

    And then I got severe crackling when I ran the Furthurnet Java Filesharing client at the same time.

    I think the drivers seriously need updating.

    Apart from that I'm over the moon with it. I'll give it 9/10 on the assumption that the next release of drivers clears up a few issues.
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    Based on your responses, one does not have to shut down Macs as we do the PC's...I have to reboot at least daily and sometimes 2-3 times if I do much multi-tasking.

    Next to Apple Store!

    Thanks for help!
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