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First of all, most of you have probably heard about the bluetooth app that works with Sony/Ericsson phones that allows the user to control their mac using applescript. I was thinking... why not apply this to the iPod? Put a bluetooth chip in there, and allow it to sync over bluetooth if you so desire. Of course, you wouldnt want to sync mp3s that way, but you could do calendar/address and sync between multiple computers a la .Mac.

Also, you could add the functionality of the Sony/Ericsson app. Imagine using the iPod scrollwheel like a Griffin Powermate, or having your mac go to sleep when your ipod left bluetooth range (heading to work/class) and wake up/check email when you return! I dont think it would add too much to the cost of the iPod in terms of hardware, and the ability to sync and control mac wirelessly are already out there. Maybe put it into the new top-of-the-line iPods and filter it down over time? What do you think?


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    Bluetooth is slower than USB 1.1, plus there's a licence charge for every BT device, I just can't see the point, it's actually too slow to even transmit decent quality stereo sound over, so I doubt you would even see remote headphones.

    Sorry to be negative, but BT has it's uses and music really isn't one of them.
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    I agree that BT is too slow for music... Im suggesting that address book and iCal can be synced to iPod over BT if you dont have a FW cable handy. I have an iBook and a PowerMac, and the iPod could be the go-between for keeping small files in sync like .Mac.

    Also, I believe there are bluetooth headsets available for phones? Im sure the quality would degrade with music vs voice. I personally have no desire for BT earphones.

    Wasnt aware of the licensing for each bluetooth device... but Apple is incorporating the chips into its desktops/laptops, so maybe iPod?
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