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Within the last 6 months Apple has 'reved' every single line of their computers. The line that is the "oldest" is the original iMacs, then LCD iMacs, followed by the PowerMacs then TiBooks, eMacs, Xserve, and finnaly the iBook today.

Based on this it is not unresonable to suggest that both the iMacs and the Powermac will be updated at MWNY. Are we going to have an all desktop revison including keyboards and monitors ala 2000 and the Cube? It looks that way. What desktop-wide changes do you see happeneing at MWNY?


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    Must be great minds thinking alike again....

    Just posted a thread on this very topic.
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    That was the exact same thing i posted awhile ago, too bad nobody listened... <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" /> Well as Apple has always said "Think Different."

    Although, my ideas for a new desktop are different. I was thinking something along the lines of a "SuperPro" computer. Apple would deck it out with all the latest (DDR, G5 {or super-reved g4}, UPDATED BUS, etc.). They would also update the Powermacs with a new mobo, and faster G4s. iMacs with (i dont think so, but maybe) 1ghz/900 mhz.

    I like your idea though, of somthing like the cube, but this time, something good .But to do this i think Apple would have to make the Powermacs extra appealing to prevent another cube fiasco.
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    Cube schmoob...

    If apple wants it's product to do well it will make something more professional that its current desktop line, not less (like the cube). Which would only compete with its Imac sales.

    Just my two cents.
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    umm i never mentioned anything about a cube, the only reason it is there is so you guys would rememebr which MWNY i was talking about... the cube is dead, its place is rightfully replaced by the iMac LCD....
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    after reading the other threads on this topic, which are presented much better, i motion to have my thread closed... no need for it really...

    mods? lock please. thnx
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