DVD Burning Problem!!!

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a dvd I am burning keeps screwing up! The audio from the voice is getting off track at the same spot every time. I have tried 3 discs. It happens at the same spot every time. Is it the disc? I used memorex. The preview on idvd does work correctly. What is the problem?

.......very frustrated!


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Same spot every time? Sounds like a glitch in the source media. I had that happen to a DV file I took off my camera. The only way to fis it was to re-capture the video. Try exporting your DVD to your hard drive and run from there. If it still happends it is not your burner.
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    proxyproxy Posts: 232member
    cubs23..are you using iMovie 3.0.1? That would probably be your problem if you are. There have been several work arounds posted..one being to seperate the audio from the clip. Alt. you could download the updater now available and see if that solves it.
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    Yes, iMovie would be the culprit if you are using it. Extract the audio and re-do your dvd in iDVD. It should all sync up after that. I did the same thing...Funny now, wasn't then... :cool:
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