playback of Nokia 3650 video files on Mac?

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just to further piss people off, the video files created with the Nokia 3650 are somekind of format that the normal realOne player cannot read nor playback. There is a special app for PC found at <a href=",5184,5371,00.html"; target="_blank">,5184,5371,00.html</a>;

Does anyone know if its possible to then convert these files into a universal format (like mpeg or something)? Kinda daft to make the videos, email them, and not allow for anyone to be able to actually view them.

As real has basically opensourced the parts necessary to make a Real player on any platform, is it possible to make a reader or at least a plugin for Quicktime/Real, etc?

They are using the 3GP format MPEG 4 REAL codec.

yeesh, good thing MPEG4 was supposed to be a 'standard'

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