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I read Steve's glowing review (Steve's Digicams) of the Canon S400 Elph, in which he noted that the S400 is an upgraded S230. He also notes in the S330 review (my camera) that it is an upgraded S300. Since these two lines used to be seperated by megapixels and optical zoom (the S230 was 3 megapixels 2x optical zoom, and the S330 the reverse), do you think there will be an upgraded S330 later this year or does the S400 unify the product lines?

The S400 looks way cool and I'd like to upgrade from 2 to 4 megapixels (will need firewire in these cameras soon) this year. See any point in waiting or is the S400 the answer in Canon's Elph line for 2003?

I figured I'd ask you since I know you follow cameras closely and your sister has the S330. I've very happy with my S330 - I just want another megapixel or two.

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    I don't think Canon's going to come out with a slightly bigger 'S440' or anything. I think they're happy with the products right now: a two, three and four mp ultra-compact camera. The S400 is already slightly deeper than the S230 and S200, so I would assume it's being positioned as the replacement for the S330.
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    Thanks - I'll probably end up buying the S400 in a couple of months. What's not to like - it's smaller and lighter than the S330, has 4 megapixels, a 3x optical zoom, uses less battery power, and has other assorted nifty features. It appears to be the best of the Elph line, IMHO, for the moment.
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