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How a bout this?

A communicator that lets you see the one you are chatting with through video (palm held video conferencing device) that works with both airport and maybe even cell phone technologies. Functionality like a Palm on steroids. You write on screen of course and it works well with Entourage when it comes to e-mails.

Why? Well they have worked for a long time with cellphone manufacturer Nokia, they are well ahead with airport, they saw the hype the relatively modest iPod made, they want to make themselves NEW markets so they dont have to compete but take the lead immidiately. The new operating system adds functionality that would be used here and new Quick Time has whats needed for conferencing. And it supports zooming in on smaller texts and pictures. Apple has been known to work on cameras for something. Also, a device like this would fit nicely with strange rumors that appeared lately about people walking around campus at Apple communicating? Many more indications can be added here.

Maybe it will sport a fire wire connection for downloading compressed DV (mjpg) into iMovie or to iPod? Maybe wireless? Why would Apple make just another PDA?

Apple would have made themselves leaders in a new communication market, handheld video conferencing.

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    davegeedavegee Posts: 2,765member
    While I can't claim to speak for the rest of the US let alone the world...

    Here in the New York area people are being forced to go 'hands free' and/or a total ban on cell phone usage when driving a car. NYC, Long Island and I think even one county in NJ already has a ban in place. Can you imagine what's gonna happen once these video phones come to market?!?!

    Never really thought about it before but that'll be a major problem.

    And as much as I consider myself progressive... I'm not totally agains the cell phone usage ban. Those who are against (the ban) say 'I drive just as well using the phone...' and my reply is bull-pucky! Anyone (man or woman) driving in the fast lane doing 10 miles BELOW the posted speed limit (while yapping on the phone) is just an accident waiting to happen. The right lane is called 'the fast lane' for a reason and when people drive slow the other drivers in that lane will being to get upset and try to pass on the right (against the law almost everywhere I think)... You might say that's wrong too but it's human nature.


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    jasonppjasonpp Posts: 308member
    While I think video phones will probably take of in the future, the reality is, North America can not make it work right now. I've been using my GPRS 2.5G Motorola P280 for a few months now, and I'm shocked how expensive the GPRS access is. It's now cheaper to send an email than an sms, but general WAP surfing is not worth the $6/min (when you saturate your GPRS connection) to check movie times. I can just pick up a free EYE or NOW. (For those not in Toronto, they're free newspapers)

    Ultimatly I think augmented reality will be the killer wearable app. That way when you call someone they appear standing in front of you in 3d paralaxed glory.
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