Cool new Xbox game! (screenshot)

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    Dreamcasts Crash

    Playstations Crash

    N64s Crash

    Mac OS X Kernel Panics

    and OS 9 goes down hard if you look at Simple Text wrong.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    My XBOX didn't come with that game.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    wait, is that for real? And when has an N64 crashed?

    That error message up there is for a computer, not a game console. The Xbox is just a computer with limited capabilities and no monitor or printer that it comes with.....yet

    word :cool:
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Zelda64 used to crash on me all the time when it first came out.

    I ended up sending it back and getting a new cartridge.

    I've seen Playstations crash, too. It's rare, but it happens.
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    That's an error from the XBox development kit, note the title "XDK Launcher".

    It doesn't mean a thing.
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    sinewavesinewave Posts: 1,074member
    It was just a joke people. It wasn't meant as a "slam" to the Xbox
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    I wish the retail Xbox case was as cool looking at the XDK's case. That thing rocks. Check it out at firingsquad.
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    See the Microsoft lovers squirm!
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    I have never had nor heard of a console crashing.

    The ones I owned:

    Sega Genesis

    Sega Saturn

    Sega GameGear
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    My Dreamcast crashed a few times. My N64 did as well.

    I don't know how often their Dev Kits crashed though.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I have never had a console 'crash'. My old Nintendo, on the other hand, got old and would occasionally reset after I had played it for 15 minutes. This was after using it for like 8 years, though.

    For consoles and handheld gmes, I own:

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    Sega Genesis

    Game Gear

    Game Boy Color

    Virtual Game Station

    Playstation 2

    Game Boy Advance


    Game Cube

    All in the order I recieved them. I heard about the XBOX supposedly crashing, and I can say that after a few days, I've had no problems yet.

    BTW, the Nintendo Game Cube is small. Its unbelievably small. I think I could fit 8 or so on top of my XBOX.
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