Apple Store on TV!!!!!!!

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I was watcing the morning news this morning (WGN Chicago). To my suprise, in the 8:30 hour, they played a fairly long (5 min?) piece about the Apple Stores. It wasn't a piece that they had produced, but one that was borrowed. Very funny since they have Dells on the set. Thought it was nice that even though Apple dosn't advertise their stores, they still have lot of publicity.


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    Too bad it's not like that everywhere.
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    Weird! Tonight on the ten o'clock news here in Boston (WB56, WLVI) they had a sgment on the apple store. It was about 5min long with a guy talking and clips from apple of the store (they were clips of the local store for two reasons. first cause the store here on the Northshore is a compleate reverse of all the other stores because of structual problems. second i thought the clips looked familiar, and i later checked, they are the same one as the movies posted on apple's site.) Anway, they had some guy talking who i think was from the local store, and then clips from the May opening in VA. It was really cool to see the good press.
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