Need help with Radeon 32MB in a Beige G3?

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I have been looking @ getting the Radeon for my Beige G3 for 2 years (rather planning on getting it @Christmas this year), I orginally wanted the Radeon II, but well it's AGP only

So who has the Radeon 1 32MB in a Beige G3?

I want to know what kind of preformance boost would I get from going from my Rage II+ 2MB vram?

I run @1152x870 75hz Thousands of colors.

QT play back varies from video to video.

I know under 9.2 it will rock but X (oh ua and miring out to TV for a keynote via X vs using my internet TV out will be better Video I hope).

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    Check out <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> and you can get comparisons of the Radeon PCI and AGP to each other and other cards. I don't think the Radeon is worth the money without an AGP bus.

    Sad, as I had wanted to upgrade from my Rage128 PCI card that I put in my Beige G3. A graphics card upgrade to a Beige G3 has a great impact on Mac OS X performance for the positive. But Rage128 based cards are hard to find and Radeons in my opinion are not worth the money. They are a good improvement over Rage128 and a HUGE one over the onboard, just not up to par with their AGP brother.
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    My mom has the iMac DV SE 1999 (Rage 128 8MB), it chocks on FlyII).

    So how big a prefornace increase will I get from a Radeon PCI? I won't be getting the VE, but I will use the TV out to mirror for MacWorld Keynotes in X (I can do it now in OS 9, but I get lines on my V from the video using the AV out).

    These are my specs

    ?Beige G3 MT Rev A


    ?Rage II+ 2MB (the 4MB Module was rejected)

    ?24X CDROM (the one that is picky with some CD-R and MacAddict CD's)

    ?416MB RAM (32,128,256) will go to 768MB of course RAM is double to price for this computer)

    ?60GB Maxtor 7200RPM

    ?OrangeMicro USB/Firewire PCI

    ?Internal orginal SCSI Zip (bootable)

    ?Personality AV card (Audio out works great for my Ripped MP3 collection on my junker AIWA Stereo)


    ?Sony 17 200sf

    ?Intellimouse Opticasl (left handed)

    ?Yamaha Firewire 16x10x40x40x CDRW (after a near fatal "?" and then "can't read drive format?" well what would you do?

    ?Epson Stylus Color 740

    So how big a prefornace increase will the Radeon PCI give me&gt; I want smoothly QT playback @640x480 30fps etc. and smooth Aqua prefornace and of course millions of coors..

    EDIT Also what is in the box (connectors etc) and what software (games etc)? And has anyone tried the VE version?

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    I need info on this card now that I ordered it.
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