POLL: Which platform does your school/company use?



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    jrcjrc Posts: 817member
    Generally, we use the Republican platform.

    Actually, Win (all), Solaris
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    UNIX for the heavy lifting but that may change to NT soon. NT for the hospital admin and office work. The higher ups (profs and researchers) can get whatever they want so there are some Macs here. Linux is starting to show up since our web served died. Linux could do the heavy lifting too but ... OS politics.
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    Windows 98 with NetWare on Compaq Pentium II and "ALC Open" Pentium III computers. We can log into the VAX for certain courses. There are a few iMacs, but they belong to the education department.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Dell OptiPlex GX110s running Windows NT4SP6, and a few Compaqs, also running NT4. We have a DEC Alpha running VMS to do all the actual work.

    We're staring at an upgrade to Win2K, but it'll go slowly. We lost one crucial app to incompatibility when the last old machine was upgraded from SP4 to SP6, and the app our whole office runs on has to be upgraded before it'll run on Win2K - and that requires an Oracle upgrade, which requires a VMS upgrade. Ugh.

    Our dependence on the Windows platform as a client won't change any time soon, because we just bought a round of hardware. But we're getting more and more fed up with MS software quality on several levels so a leap off the platform is not out of the question (my boss recently asked me "why do people put up with this shit?" as he wiped his HDD to reinstall NT again). We would just need to be sure that the new platform could run what we need it to run.

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    my school is about 1 mac to ever y 4 to 5 PCs . I am working on that thgoht

    My work (my house) is ALL MACS!
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    [quote]Originally posted by Amorph:

    <strong> We would just need to be sure that the new platform could run what we need it to run.



    I forgot. We have a NeXT machine here too. Too bad OS X didn't come out in time for the company that sells it to port their stuff to OS X. A dual proc alti-vec system would be ideal for what they do.

    Oh well.
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    My HS has all Dell OptiWhatever PCS (which can;t print half of the time) except for 9 G4 Towers in the Art room and 4 in the Publishing room.

    However, at my Middle and Elementary schools (back to kindergaten) we had Macs.

    7th Grade: Strawberry iMacs and Blueberry G3 Towers

    6th Grade: 5400's AIO

    5th Grade: 5400's AIO

    K-4th Grade: Apple ][GS to 5400's.
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    i was not talking about servers. i was talking about everyone's personal computer. my roomate's computer sucks and so does nearly everyone elses. servers are a different topic.
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    At my job, we use : 2 iMacs 333 Mhz, 1 CD-RW slot loading one and 1 G4 400 Mhz and my Titanium. We have also old Macs for artists that come in residency (wa re an art center) : 2 powerbooks (100 & 140), 1 LC and one Apple II.

    We will switch all iMacs & G4 to OS X before the end of the year (waiting for Office X) and when our accountant asked for a PC, I bought Virtual PC
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    my campus has the most PC retarted people on the planet i swear.

    lets see...


    OmniTech PIII 700Mhz 128MB

    (and im sure OmniTech has GREAT tech support people )

    these computers have keyboards with delete keys that are the size of normal letter keys...its so F#cking annoying....

    ah yes, when these were first set up all the monitors had 60hz refresh rates....ive slowly changed them all over the year......60hz LORD!!! they would have given us all migraines

    oh yes, all these towers are now on the FLOOR....where they are always getting hit we people push their chair in.


    mosly PI and PII's trying to run NT on 32 or 64MB of RAM.....yeah, its fast as lightning..

    "hey where are you going....english does start for another 30mins..."

    "yeah i know, i need to go start up Word and IE 5), that takes around 30mins."

    i've boycotted them for the most part, i only use them when i need to print"

    oh yeah, we have ONE mac on our campus. a G4.

    sometimes i just want to pick up the tower and smash it to the ground and yell...."GET A REAL FREAKING COMPUTER!!!!"
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    At my company we have about 1000 Compaqs and about a little over 600 Macs.

    We have a new building being built right now. When it is completed, around the middle of next year, the PCs will be upgraded to Win2k and the Macs will be upgraded to OS X - if the apps are there.

    The compaqs are deskpro something or others. The Macs range from Beige G3s to 867G4s. We refresh the PCs all at once. The Macs are purchased as individual depts. need them. In January all beige Macs will be replaced by whatever Apple is selling (not iMacs though) and probably not all at once - there are about 150 or so, I think. At that point the oldest Mac we will support are the B/W G3s.

    Servers vary.

    We have about sixteen PC techs and four Mac techs (including me). The Mac guys get paid better too.

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    norfanorfa Posts: 171member
    My school is all PC by board decree, probably 300 hundred in all, except for my department. As a department head I have the ways and means to circumvent the purchasing department, so my department is half mac ( the ones I bought) and half PC, (the ones the school bought for me).
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    PC in every school I have attended and an every job. I even worked in a bank at a time where we needed two machines: A Win and a OS/2.

    I tell ya: Denmark is IBM domain
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    Mostly PC at my school, except for the art department (where I am ), which has 8 brand new Quicksilver G4s, three 450 MHz blue G4s, an Indigo iMac, and a Beige G3.

    My main job is looking over that lab, so it's all Macs there too, and my company is all Mac, of course.
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