Anybody know where I can find Steve Jobs interviews in quicktime format?

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Steve Jobs interviews in a quicktime readable format?

I have two Jobs movies and I need more because I am doing a report on him in World Cultures class for history Day. Steven Paul Jobs and the personal computer revolution.

I have one movie of a financial report on CNBC, talking about the then new iBook tangerine. I have a movie of him saying how he would turn Apple around.

Any others on the web? :confused:

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    try here...

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    public relations press releases (though i don't know how far back), product shots, as well as pix of all the exec.'s, including his steve-ness.

    p.s. awesome topic... wish i had thought of something like that in high school.
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    I am creating a documentary that has to be 10 minutes or less. This project should be fun though.
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