How tall is your Christmas Tree?

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My family makes a point of getting our trees as tall as we can fit into out living room (and generally end up having to cut off the top few inches because we overestimated). That makes for a tidy eight feet of Green Lovin'. In my old house, we could buy ten-foot trees, and then even my father's (and now my) six-foot-three-plus frame could not put the star on top of the tree. Those were the days.

How tall is your Christmas tree?


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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    6 feet in the living room, 8 in the family room, and a 1 foot one in my window
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    sinewavesinewave Posts: 1,074member
    My parents have a tree that is 10ft. Sucker is freakin huge.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    I must have a dirty mind... I immediately thought of something else. Like what you'd hear in a phone dating message in December.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    3" , yeap...3 inches tall .... that's the paper weight on my desk
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Man, that's just the wrong post to follow mine. Maybe you better edit that before Belle & Kate see it.
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    daverdaver Posts: 496member
    We've got a cathedral ceiling in the living room/kitchen area, so my family could really go overboard with our Christmas trees if we wanted to?we're talking 25?30 feet here! :eek:

    My mom doesn't like big trees because of all the needles they drop, so we usually get little six-footers that we cut from our property.

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    We don't have a Christmas tree yet. We once got a 15 footer from a florist called "Ah Sam" There was no way we could decorate it ourselves, so we had them do it...Never again.

    It shed needles like crazy.

    They need to genetically engineer trees that don't she needles.
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    45' tall. It's growing outside.
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    MacAgent, you are the coolest. How do you decorate it? With those pruning poles hardware stores sell with strings of lights gripped in the pincers? Do you put preents under it or inside?
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    We just got an 8 footer a few hours ago.
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    We have a 1 bedroom apt. so it's not easy to fit a tree in here...

    We just used the top half of my mothers fake tree... looks good though.

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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    We don't have a real Christmas tree anymore, heh. We bought an artificial one a few years back. It's about 6 feet tall (small little thing).

    It's funny, we don't "put up the tree", we "assemble the tree".
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    [quote]Originally posted by cdhostage:

    <strong>MacAgent, you are the coolest.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hey, thanks.

    [quote]<strong>How do you decorate it? With those pruning poles hardware stores sell with strings of lights gripped in the pincers?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well, it has the advantage of being reachable from my balcony, so that makes it somewhat easier, but we have some poles with hooks on the end. I hope IT is a hover pack or something, that would make it really easy.

    [quote]<strong>Do you put preents under it or inside?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Inside. Don't want to get anything rained on.
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    5 feet 10"
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