Ongoing Mac OS X bugs.

in macOS edited March 2014

I'm running 10.9.2 on the newest model Air. Now and then I see graphical glitches like a line across the screen, it goes away after a moment.


Ongoing OS X bugs I'm seeing:


1. Graphical glitch. Probably Air/firmware related.


2. Finder app+desktop freezes sometimes when I try to name a desktop file, usually a video file. Finder cannot be force quit in this scenario and the only way I know how to get around this is to restart my Mac via the restart keyboard shortcut.


3. Downloads stack in dock keeps download progress bar around even after that file has been trashed. Even shows up when you open the stack in the placeholder icon. This intermittent bug has been around since before Mavericks shipped.


And I know there's a couple of other very noticeable bug, but I'm so used to seeing them I've gotten used to glancing over them. Let me try to think. I'm sure they'll come to me.

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