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Does Apple read / monitor email? They certainly won't say either way, its not in the T's & C's or the privacy policy and an email to [email protected] didnt generate a reply.

I visited Hotmail and they state clearly that they only read it if theyy suspect peoples safety or Microsofts safety (lol) is at risk.

I only want to know because I dont want any of my 'trade secret' business info or personal details / conversations with friends read. I know email isnt 100% secure anyway and never send credit card details or anything but there are other things I dont want read.


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Right, it would just be plain stupid to have your important passwords sent to you via e-mail...including online banking, portfolio, etc. passwords.

    If you ever have private correspondance, PGP is always an option.
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