Is this guy an AI member???

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He should be.

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Read page one, then go to page two where the guy I am referring to posts.


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    g4dudeg4dude Posts: 1,016member
    someone over here at AI ends their posts with "Cheers!" as well. I would guess that it is an AI member
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    Overall a good post. But I really hate a Mac user trying to explain how much easier it is to use a Mac by going on about how to do something in Windows is so hard, then bullshitting about what you have to do. Case in point:

    [quote]The same thing is true of Text...

    2) Lets say you are reading a story on WFAA.COM,

    and want to save a paragraph that you think is great.

    In windows, this would be accomplished by :

    Highlighting the text you want to save.

    Right click on the selected area.

    Choose Copy.

    Click the "Start Button"

    Choose Run

    Type the word "Notepad" in the run box


    In the new notepad document, choose

    EDIT from the Menu, then Paste.

    Now, from the File menu, choose Save.

    Choose your destination, and click OK.


    Type Wordpad in the run box? Jesus christ man, you can paste the ****ing thing into Notepad by clicking in an open Notepad window (which I always have running on my PC - just like I always have BBEdit running on my Mac for this purpose) and hit ctrl- v.

    Boom. Done.

    NOTE: This in no way means I don't ****ing hate Windows... I do... but these kind of posts just make Mac users look dumb.
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    onyxonyx Posts: 10member
    His post is full of crap. Why would you want someone like that here?

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