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This is probably the wrong place to put this, probably not even relivant, but wanted to put the idea somewhere, if it is not just obvious;

People keep on talking about Bluetooth, Wirless Mouses and Air Port. Why not just make a new air port card, that will have built in bluetooth as well (if the bluetooth, can not totaly replace air port) (but still an airport shaped card so it will fit in the G4 Powerbooks etc). The wirless keyboard and mouses (when released by apple) could run of this blue tooth without you having to plug any recivers into the back of your laptop / desktop. It would also mean that apple would be involved in bluetooth a lot more, which i feal that they should be by now, and i never hear anything about it.

You may say that bluetooth is irelivant (however you spell that), an till other things have it in, but nothing will ever have it in an less laptops etc, (probalby a usefull way to access bluetooth enabled devices) get them fitted.

Toshiba, are already doing this and have been for a long while. So what is going on with apple and bluetooth???

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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    You can't have bluetooth and 802.11 on the same card. The interference would be too high and would definitely hamper performance.
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    You COULD possibly make a wireless mouse and keyboard that ran off both Airport and a plug in module so that if you HAD airport the module would not be needed.

    THAT would be sweet.
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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member
    Mr. Guru,

    Actually, that's a perfect application for Bluetooth ... which is a shorter-range, smaller bandwidth technology designed as wire replacement ting ... unlike 80211.x which is a W-LAN technology.

    It rules btw - get on the train, hit "internet connect" and you're live. Or rather, when there's a driver for a bluetooth pc card ... until then you're stuck with Capn' Gates for that kind of thing.

    Harald (named after a certain swedish gentleman)
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