Anyone know why AtAT is down???

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Have they had their plug pulled or something? I can't get thru, and I was hoping to see if they had any new dirt on hardware...

<sniff> <sniff>


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    Likely the usual DSL Hell business they've been going through in the past year. Check MacAddict's home page since they sometimes keep a line of communication between ATAT and the rest of the world.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    It's up again... complete with explanation.

    For all of you that haven't seen this wonderful site, go to <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; You won't regret it.

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    "Sunday, 11:15 AM: If you had trouble tuning into AtAT this morning, we apologize-- our database needed some serious tender loving care. Things ought to be all shiny and cool, now, though."

    That's the official version, of course. The truth will only be known by a select few.....

    [Cue the dramatic music]

    It is dark at the world headquarters of, a squat office building in an elite part of town. It is dark because the power has just gone out on this side of town. A man clad in black lurks in the bushes, massaging his hand. Even with the insulated wire cutters, that alarm wire had packed a kick. It had been so much thicker than the one in the video too.... No matter, he darts from the bushes to the service entrance and deftly picks the lock.

    As this dark figure silently slips into the back entrance he is only for a moment in the light and we can see his face. It is Ryan Meader , computer spy extraordinaire. He is cautious as he flits from shadow to shadow in the dimly lit corridor.

    It really is far too risky to go in in person, he thought but though the hacking tools in OS X are powerful and he is skilled in the nuances of Unix, with no clear manual to guide his way, his attempts to hack into Appleturns super-secure server ended in a forced restart and then a flashing question mark on the screen of his beloved Mac. He forces this distraction from his mind as he comes to a heavy oak door with a plaque that reads "Big Cheese" He sprinkles talcum powder to check for "electronic eyes". Gently he tries the door, unlocked.

    The hum of the backup generator is a little louder in here amidst the whir of the fans on the server. Quietly, he slinks to the CD caddy next to the Workstation. he paws through the CDs until he finds what he was looking for. "emails from our super-secret source" is neatly printed in black magic marker on the face of the CD. He arranges the desk as he found it and begins to slip back to the door.

    Suddenly he freezes . His nose twitches. What is that smell? His eyes scan the room until they come to rest on the table on the far side of the room. A bowl is in the center of the table. Could it be? It is! "Mmm, Cheetos!" he exclaims a he darts across the room for a tasty treat. His mad dash is interupted when he trips over a cable in the dark room. Simultaneously, millions of viewers suddently find themselves staring at a blank, white screen. It takes a moment for him to pick out the Ethernet cable in the semidarkness. He quickly find the end and plugs it into the first port he finds. Quickly he shovels down the tasty snacks and then he slips back into the night.

    The security camera in the corner has faithfully recorded everything. Its battery backup has a good two hours left...

    The next morning the big cheese stalks into his office. He is alrady in a bad mood from the arduous commute. He slams his coffee cup on his desk and sits down to dig through the night's email. Suddenly, he jumps up with a start. "Who ate my Cheetos?!" He storms over to to the table. "And who moved this cable?!" Quickly he plugs the Ethernet cable back in the correct port and storms off to the security office.

    A few moments later his worst fears are realized as he recognized the unmistakable form of his archrival on the security camera screen. "Meader, you've gone too far this time! You'll pay for this!" He screams at the monitor.

    .....And that is what really happened
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