Memory Interleaving Question

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First, the question: Is it better to buy two PC-100 256mb ram modules or one PC-100 512mb module? (do not consider future expansion)

The reason I ask this is because of memory interleaving. Memory interleaving is where instead of addressing memory location $1 in the first location of module one and then having $2 the next memory location in the same module, the $1 is addressed at the first location of module one, $2 is the first memory location in module two. Think of this much like a RAID array where a single file spans multiple hard drives.

Anyhow, how do the Apple computer handle ram? I assume things are interleaved because of the great performance benefits... but I have a hunch that memory interleaving only had to be considered with SIMMs (had to install in pairs of equal values) and not DIMMs.


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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    memory interleaving is no longer neccessary. the last apple computer where memory interleaving was effective was the 9600.
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    In this case, I don't think one memory card has any benefits over 2 memory cards with regard to interleaving because interleaving is not implemented on this motherboard (as it is not implemented on most current desktop computers by PC or Mac). Memory interleaving is usually something you see on computer server kinds of hardware.
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