Apple buys Palm?

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That's beyond. Palm has always been on the radar...


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    Who knows at this point? <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    I wouldn't buy Palm. That's a dead deal if I ever saw one. Just look at the stock and where it's headed. It's not even a good OS for a PDA anyway. Why would Apple waste it's time with that?
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    huge install base and a great platform to launch some new OS based on newton and X?
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    bogiebogie Posts: 407member
    Palm OS is a good PDA OS - it is small footprint, the GUI is strong, hardware integration is strong, however, it is limited and it is not what Apple wants at this point.
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    curmicurmi Posts: 69member
    [quote]Originally posted by dchill:

    <strong>huge install base and a great platform to launch some new OS based on newton and X?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Plus you also get the added bonus of Be. All the Be technologies that were good get merged with OSX, and we get a PDA that works with OSX better than any other PDA/OS has before...
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    I agree with Bogie. Palm makes some great stuff. They market it right. Now they can't improve on it, and people want more...apparently they've run into a brick wall at Palm. Personally, I don't think a PDA should ever cost more than about $300, because once you get into the realm of $600+ PocketPCs it's silly. Palm needs to work on more features without just casually updating the specs every once in awhile. Sony makes a much better PDA IMHO...thin, sexy, love the jog dial, good screens, and MP3 capabilities.
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