A "Way Beyond"

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I hope this is the right board to post to!

"Way beyond" indicates to me something more than what's expected. Something beyond a new iMac, G4 speed bumps, a new digital hub device, etc.

Something along the lines of the MS deal in 1997, something very "different."

So if it's beyond hardware (it's a given that this will change regardless) than what is it? My guesses are:

1. Strategic alliance with Sony

2. OS X for Intel, and opening up the market for clone machines

Perhaps a combination of the two?


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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    How about some sort of device that encourages people to post in the five million threads already discussing this subject?

    Joking, joking. Well, not really.

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    cpmcpm Posts: 15member
    I know, I know. But just about every one of the posts dealing with the subject has to do about new hardware (new G5! 1 GHz! new iMac! etc.). Not exactly "way beyond" what we've come to expect.

    I'm trying to "think different" and encourage others to do the same.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I doubt we'll see clones.
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    Hmmm I doubt its a joint alliance with anyone, otherwise there would be ALOT more people who would know, and we would have a Much larger chance of getting leaked info...this is something that is totally apple, I think thats why we can't seem to get ANY info about anything, Also I hardly think steve would be getting this excited over the chance to NOT have apple doing as much as possible as one company(he seems rather the control freak doesn't he)I think OS X on x86 machines would be the downfall of the apple we know, It would change everything, and could possibly be VERY damaging to apple(though it also has the possibilty of being the best thing they ever do)
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    Maybe it will be some radically new hardware. New Processor G-XP (ha ha), running at 6GHZ. All machines now have DVD-R / CD-RW drives. All machines have 100 MBS wireless networking. Terrabyte hard-drives. 10 Gigs of RAM is standard. 30" Cinema displays for $500. 24" flat screen iMac under $1000. Thumbprint security recognition hardware built-in. Remote control sensors built in to control VCR, TV, etc... (Your Mac now programs your VCR for you).

    Okay Apple, beat this!
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