HELP QUICK! Realplayer now RealOne - no more free version?!?!?!

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I don't really use Realplayer so im not really familiar with it. im trying to install a new version on someones old peecee, and apparently Realplayer is now RealOne, and is 9.95/mo.

Is there no more free player??


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    I just went to the downloads page and the free player (v8) was available for mac os 8-9.
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    trowatrowa Posts: 176member
    you have to look real carefully. the link for the free version is hidden on the product page.

    but it is there. I downloaded and installed it on my W2K machine. I'm not sure what they are trying to do. it sort of repulsed me when i saw the interface. Kind of like a cross between Quicktime and Windows Media Player 8.
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