Dream About MWSF

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After falling asleep after staying up just long enough to catch the next tagline at Apple.com, I had a very realistic dream of MWSF and fantastic new products.

Steve mysteriously speaks in an auditorium more similiar to a movie theatre than a MWSF show floor, but gets up on stage to thousands of Mac fans to announce "a lot of great new products".

The first was the iMac. It has an LCD screen, G3 processor, and a curvy, wafer thin PINK case. "This is really cool, and I hope you like it" Jobs says. Crowd cheers. For somewhere around $1299 for a midrange model.

Then he goes on to introduce new towers. They have a new enclosure, but still feature the G4 chip. "Due to some problems at Motorola, the G5 has been pushed back into 2nd quarter 2002" Jobs announces "so we did our best to give you the most powerful Macs we could". Crowd waits. "As not to disappoint you, we're lowering prices to $1199, $1399, and $1499". Crowd cheers again. "They're gonna be models with 933, 1067, and 1113MHz G4 Apollo chips, which are Motorola's latest CPU available" Jobs continues "they are very, very fast".

I remember waking up happy and excited. This is pretty much what I think will happen, except another digital device and a non-pink iMac. And I kind of doubt Jobs would give us such nice G4 prices.

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