Time did what?

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<a href="http://sine.com/tmp/mwsf02/time-did-what.jpg"; target="_blank">Time did what?</a>


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    ROTFLMAO!!! Great Graphic, but I don't think that the iMac was the Big One, and if it is, There's something more to it. There's nothing about this iMac now that makes it any more awe inspiring than the original iMac or any brand new form factor before it, and certainly this is not "where no PC has gone before" which is a bit of Hype that I'm hoping they atleast try to live up to.
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    Ok, I've looked at apple's Future homepage, and it seems that Apple Is doing a crappy iPhoto, Crappy Flat Panel iMac, an Crappy Screen Upgrade for the iBook, CRAP!!!! this is not near living up to the massive HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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