The split in "computer" markets?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
With the advent of the X Box, the success of the PS 2, Game Cube, etc. and given Apple's strong idea of the "digital hub" device, does anyone else think that the home computer market as we know it is splitting into 2 distinct markets? Consoles on one hand, Hubs on the other?

People seem to be disappointed that the new iMac doesn't have a better graphics card for more gaming power, but wouldn't these people just buy a gaming console for under $400? The days of crappy but cheap consoles vs. high-quality but expensive PC games seems to be going the way of the dodo.

Of course, this depends on 1. whether others will follow suit with Apple's hub direction and 2. the likelihood that these hubs will go down in price to the point where consoles are. The pricing of the consoles follows a different sales model than the hub right now though which helps the up-front pricing of the system. Where the consoles take a loss on the machine and make you pay for the games to generate profits, the hub right now charges more up-front for the machine and includes the software for "free."

But pricing models aside, does anyone see a place in the den or living room for two machines and no traditional "box" that does both games and media/hobbies?
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