Is Apple behind G5 rumors, to keep interest in the platform?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
If everyone believed that the G5s would be here NO SOONER than 2003, would that create a mass exodus away from the Mac platform to the soon to be 2+ Ghz dark side?

If it WOULD create a mass exodus, I believe it's in Apple own interest to retain current power users. That means, fueling the G5 rumors would possibly forego short-term sales, but mitigate the exodus. Of course all of this fueling would be behind the scenes and very clandestine, mind you.

I find the Apple announcement of 40% of the customers to the Apple Retail stores are not current Mac users to be a curious one. I do not live by an Apple Store, but I'd be curious of a quick-exit poll conducted by somone that does. Just ask everyone leaving the Apple store WITH PRODUCT IN HAND if they are (were) a windows/mac/no user before the purchase. That would be interesting.


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