Open letter to apple and associates.

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Let me just say, that i am not disappointed with apple. I just want a little or a lot more and I see the capability for apple to come throught.

We, the mac community have to harness the power of the internet to make our point heard by apple and all the companies that develop products for the mac platform.

So, I decided to compile a list of things that we would like to see from apple and associates by the end of the year.

Please note that it´s long, and it´s made up of things that i have read in forums all over the net as well as some ideas of mine.

I request your help in making it reach the most of the mac community as we can, and remember that this community is not only made up of mac users...Post it around other forums, mailling lists, add to the list, remove from the list.

Let´s all join in getting our point across in one voice. This is not my list, it´s OUR list.

We all know the potencial for making it real is out there. If Apple says the Apple stores will bring it 5% more market share, let´s tell them and the developers that we, the mac communitty can bring them a lot more than that...and for free!

So, here goes the list, the product range we want to have by years end. Please be serious and contribute positivelly.


- All hardware with airport and bluetooth

- All portables with backlit keyboards and touchscreen.

- iBook 12

- iBook 14

- Powerbook

- iMac

- All iMac Lcd screen swivel from landscape to portrait and are touch sensitive

- Lcd screen in 15 inch and for the high end 17 inch

- Maintain older iMac with Crt and introduce a 14 inch version for education and lowend sales less than 500$

- Cube \t

-\tSame spec as iMac with no screen.

- PowerMac

- Prosumer model for costumers who want expansion but don´t need high end

- Pro

- High end computer to be the fastest in the world with extraordinary video and multimedia creation capabilities.


- Tower and Rack mounted servers based on the Powermac and Pro technology , and a extremely fast, almost bus-like connection between clustered servers.

-Expansion chassi

- Expansion chassi for pro and powermac users who want more expandability.



- All lcd, in 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24 inch, all touch sensitive and with swivel capabilities from landscape to portrait, with wireless connectivity.

Input Devices


- All wireless either via airport or Bluetooth

- Pro-keyboard

- Pro-Mouse with 2 button and scroll wheel capabilities. In the current mouse the scrolling capabilities could be provided by tilting the mouse forward and back, the button capabilities are provided from side to side and by pressing down.

- Force feedback game controllers as in yoke, joystick, steering wheel and game pads.

Digital Devices

- iPod with airport

- Digital photo camera with harddisk with firewire and airport

- Digital video camera with harddisk with airport

- GSM, GPRS and 3g phone with airport and Bluetooth

- Tablet computer with thin client OS to connect to all of the computer wirelessly via airport, to use as old style terminal for any Mac, 12 or 14 inch screen touch sensitive

- Handheld computer, not pda, to replace the Newton with a OSx light version operating system and light iApps. Bluetooth and Airport capabilities, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, firewire and harddisk.

Apple Applications

- iPhoto, iMovie, iDvd, iTunes, Quicktime

- iAppleworks

- iTv, for tv recording and playback capabilities

- iHomePage for a little more control over your iTools HomePage


- Handwritting recognition

- Speech recognition

- Easy server clustering for OS X server

- Ability to share workload on other machines across a given network like setti but in real time

- All plug and play device drivers built into OS


- Faster airport connection

- Gigawire

- Longer range base station

- Airport module to connect mac to home stereo and tv. Other modules to follow for other appliances

Other Hardware

- Wireless printers, scanners, hard drives, wireless everything, that can be shared by multiple computers


- All services available world wide

- iPhoto services

- iTools

- Wireless internet access via satellite

Others Apps and games

- Photoshop

- Maya

- Office

- Flight Simulator 2002

- Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks

Please note that I am not suggesting that apple should make all these products, they just have to make sure we get them with the mac technology at it´s core. This is sort of a guide line for apple and developers, like a market study, but made by the consumers.

Be the more realistic you can in your opinions and ideas, focus on the needs you have, not the specifics of the hardware like chips and sgraphics cards, so that we can compile a well written list to spread our word around.

Thanks for the help.
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