Apple: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

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The Good:

--A strong brand

--Innovative and appealing design

--Better OS

--Very good overall quality

--Ease of use

--Retail Store Openings

The Bad:

--Poor MHZ processors (Sorry, I bought the MHZ myth when it was 300MHZ, but 1.5GHZ?....nope its more like the "MHZ doesn't matter myth" now.

---Poor Pro Specs (Video, Bus speeds, etc)

---OSX is still immature and slow. Though, I like it anyway.

---Lack of traditional commercial advertising. Other than iPod and product placement, where are the ads?

The Ugly:

Some would say the iMac. I'm not sure.

This is not a "let's bitch about Apple" thread. I just think those "Bad" things need to be fixed, especially the Pro Specs....and REALLY SOON.

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