Missing from keynote: More Apple Stores?

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Conspicuously absent from the keynote speech was how many more retail stores would be opening and when. There are 27 now but the last one opened before Chrismas, I think at least three weeks ago. Apple's web site doesn't mention any coming soon. There are 12 more planned, one which is up the street from me.

For stuff like the new iMac and iPhoto to sell the Apple retail stores are necessary. Apple's plans to grow marketshare absolutely hinge a great buying atmosphere. I don't want the iMac to sit like a curiosity in Circuit City like the Cube did. Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle and many other major areas are waiting for stores. It's a little discouraging that this wasn't mentioned. Maybe they are waiting to get more feedback but I don't see why.


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    I was expecting to hear something. I'm waiting to see if Apple Store Chicago happens.
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    We're getting one here in Durham in March.
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    It's true, he just said ".... MORE Apple stores in 2002...." without saying how many. Maybe they're not sure how quickly they want to expand in 02 unless/until the existing stores start to break even.
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