The iMac 7 introduction video - and the music.

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What are the tracks used in the new iMac introduction video? I'm talkin about the video that's located at: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;


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    <a href=""; target="_blank">look in this thread</a>

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    The segment of the video with Francis Ford Coppola features "Sweet Rain" (track 1) off of the album "Beautiful My Child" from Euphoria.

    I know this because I oddly enough owned it well before the video was released and went "Hey, that's off that album of mine!"

    You should be able to find it from B&N bookstores (that's where I got it) at least. It's one of those Six Degrees albums that they push in their listening stations (and no one's ever heard of). I listened to it one day and thought it was cool. Yay, Apple, for putting it in your video!
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