My next computer will undoubtedly be an iMac

in Genius Bar edited April 2014
[S]I have no true problems with Windows PCs. I'm use to them and since I upgrade them myself they are very reliable to me...but I do not like it anymore. I use to keep it for a few programs but I've stopped using them as often. And while Windows does some things better than OSX IMO I can always use boot camp to fill any need that arises.

My question is should I buy brand new/refurbished new model or look for a deal on the last rendition?

I don't use disks so there is no need there and money isn't an issue (not all Android users are broke) I'm just curious.

I don't want to spend too much regardless so the least I can spend for the highest spec model of the current and last model would be a great thing to direct me towards.

Thanks in advance.[/S]

Apparently this site has a very clear and detailed listing of Macs with various prices from various vendors...awesome...
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