2nd iphone 4S with problems... bad SIM card?

in iPhone edited April 2014

Hi everyone


I'm wondering if my problem could be a problem with the SIM card... do SIM cards usually cause problems for phones? 


Long story short, I upgraded my phone to an iphone 4s. I got a different SIM card. Since the beginning the phone has been acting up - extremely slow, will freeze and close windows and songs will stop and shut down. Camera will also freeze and I could barely send a text without it closing 2x. 


So I sent it back to my service provider who sent another one. I put the same SIM card into this second phone and the exact same issues are happening. 


Could it be a problem with the SIM card, or am I just that unlucky to get two lemons in a row? 



PS - my provider won't take the second phone back so if it's not a SIM card issue I'm screwed. 

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