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ARG! Three and a half gigahertz Pentium 4! Cooled by liquid nitrogen!

Now I remember once following the walkthrough on a translated Japanese how-to-overclock-your-iMac page. I dissassembled the thing (it's old enough to be beyond warranty now) and looked at the things that had to be fiddled with in order to overlcock it. TINY! TINY! CANNOT DEAL WITH THE SLIGHTEST ERROR!

Are PowerMacs more available for overclocking? What speed is the highest reached by a G4?


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    Visit <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> for detailed overclocking information. There are several users in xlr8yourmac's forums with overclocked macs, such as 500MHz-&gt;650MHz iBooks, G4's from 733-&gt;867 or dual 800-&gt;867.

    There's even some with 1GHz G4's overclocked from 867MHz.
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    Somebody on XLR8yourmac overclocked an G4-867 to 1Ghz when they first came out.
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