Mac's hard drive full to the brim when there's nothing in it!

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New to this forum...please help me! 


There's almost nothing in my Macbook Pro now...I have a couple of Photoshop apps that I need for work, but other than that, there's backups, no nothing. I moved all my other files into a memory stick/USB. Plus when I opened 'About this Mac'--'More info'--'Storage', the apps and the other things didn't took only a bit of the space, but the 'other' yellow bar took 37.15 GB (More than half of the space!) Now there's only a few 0 KB free. Strange though, because the more I delete the apps, the less space is free. I swear, a moment ago, right before I made this thread, it was 40 something KB at least. Something is wrong. I restarted my computer, emptied my trash, and stopped any activity. I used the 'spotlight' to delete caches too. This is so strange...and I don't think my laptop has any virus either. Since I apparently now have 0 KB free, I can't download any other software to see what is taking so much space. 


Btw, I'm using the 13-inch Macbook Pro (2011), and the new Mavericks. 


Thank you so much. Sorry for the rant, but I'm desperate and tired. 


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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,901member

    Try emptying the trash again. Force quit the browser. See if that helps.

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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    Download a small app called OmniDiskSweeper and it will find where the offending file is. Runaway log?
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    Have you got a Blackberry? Or have you got the Blackberry sync software running on the Mac?


    Someone else rightly points out that the logs can be at fault, and the Blackberry app is a classic for consuming all the space if it is set to log its activity. The logs go ballistic into tens of gigabytes, and yes indeed the free Omnis Disksweeper will spot the problem for you.


    There is a preference in the Blackberry software to stop it logging its activities. Switch it off, trash all those waste-of-space logs and you should be good to go.


    Guy Hemmings

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    I think you should check the CPU usage of your MAC. And also whether under the system memory, the "Page outs" is large or insignificant compared to "Page ins". You should also verified the disk in the Disk Utility.. 

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