iOS 7.1.1 sync of photos from mac to iPad/iPhone is now very confusing

in iPad edited April 2014

After installing the latest iOS 7.1.1 today, when I tried to update the Albums from my iMac (in iPhoto) to my iPad 2, I now get this confusing message when I select "Sync Photos from iPhoto", and then check "All photos, etc" This seems new as far as I can recall:.


Are you sure you want to remove existing photos and sync photos from this computer?

Photos synced to “XXX's iPad” from other photo libraries or folders will be removed and photos will be synced from this computer. Photos taken with “XXX’s iPad” will not be affected.


I certainly do not want to remove existing photos from my Mac. The alternative is 'Selected photos, etc', which requires me to check all 25 or Albums. Ugh!


Anyone know what I'm supposed to do? All I want is to update the iPad with a few new images.

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