OSX.6 startup issue

in macOS edited May 2014



I am running 10.6.8..all of a sudden it won't restart..it gets to the time clock at bottom..nutt'n more..when I start in safe mode it will start up..I checked the HD... no issues. I created a new account for admin..doesn't help..not sure if it's listening to the new account....but I am not sure what else I need to do. I will assume it is a account issue correct?

If there are more issues I would like to get some stuff off the HD but in safe mode it won't mount a thumbdrive..is that normal too?


any advice is greatly appreciated




Update:..I trashed the cache folder and some plist files( I put them on the DT until I was sure before trashing them) but something inside all the clustercrap was causing this..back to normal again so far..back up time again!!


UPdate 2.0...it worked for a bit then stopped..couldn't even boot in safe mode anymore...so I restored from my Time machine backup and all is well but I noticed that my "private folder" and a file called sockets.logs now sits outside my library folder...can I just move in back in or leave it alone?

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