In honor of thegelding.

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I love you man. We have to stick this one out. If my iMac doesnt ship soon I will start too many random topics like this one, just to ease the pain, a little.

thegelding seems like rare married man, a father with COOLNESS. Its not just the computers that make the mac experience better its the people who use them.

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    dang macintosh, you almost made me weep...all is well here (except the horrid waiting for the apple order status page to be re-born with "ok, damnit, your order is being shipped, so stop checking here every freakin half hour and get a life"...), hope all is well with you and your family...i assume you will be checking the apple website between quarters of the playoffs today (you play football in High School right?)....i'm heading into the city today....dropping off the girls at the mall (they claim they are not mall rats....but if it looks like a mall rat, and it smells like a mall rat, it is probably a mall rat...but they are sweet and nice mall rats) and heading over to my little bro's house to throw the football round, watch the games and drink a couple of beers (medical science is now on my side...a couple of beers is good for the heart and deceases the chance of mental disorders.....well, at least that is my story and i'm sticking to it)...but, my little brother doesn't have the internet (he's a borderline communist in that he doesn't believe in material things...but he does have digital cable for his tv....explain that to me??) so i won't be checking the order status page till this evening...i leave that up to you young man....go forth and find out when that damn page is back up and let us know what it sez........g
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    Yeah, I play for State College High School, I am a Center and Defensive End (Im large). Have a great day, and may are orders be changed very soon.

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    I am watching the Steelers WIN and then the eagles Win. Pennsylvania SUPERBOWL!

    Oh yeah.... <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    macintosh: seeing your last post....ouch, i feel your grandmother lives in Greensburg, PA and she has been a huge steelers fan this year (other years too, but she really loves the steelers this year for some reason), she is gonna be pissed....i really thought Pittsburgh would win...didn't think Philly would...both games were pretty good games though....hope your status changes to "shipped" tonight....might help you break the football funk....good run for the state of PA this year though.....g
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    [quote]I am watching the Steelers WIN<hr></blockquote>

    When were the Steelers winning?

    [quote]Pennsylvania SUPERBOWL!<hr></blockquote>

    Not quite.

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