Developer tools uninstall nightmare

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I think it etched itself to my HD.

I needed the space on my HD so I tried to remove the developer tools folder. But when I try to empty my trash bin it say something like I haven´t got the priviledges to do so. I then activate root access through netinfo and try again without any luck. What the hell am I doing wrong here :confused:


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    The Dev Tools install a lot more than just what is in the /Developer folder. I doubt you'll be able to truly clean your system of them very easily.

    Easy way to empty your trash when logged in normally (be careful! terminal commands can be deadly when you enter typos!)[code]sudo rm -Rf ~/.Trash</pre><hr></blockquote>At the password prompt, enter your regular admin password.
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    there is a very cool shareware app called Get Info that allows you to change permissions even logged in as admin. Check it out <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>
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