Bank of America drops Mac support of Quicken

in General Discussion edited January 2014
If you are a Bank of America customer.. you need to complain....

Franklin Tessler and other readers noted Mac marginalization at Bank of America:

"Yesterday, I received a letter from Bank of America saying that, effective Feb. 11, 2002, they will no longer support online banking with the Macintosh version of Quicken, because of 'recent changes in (their) Online Banking platform.'

Â*Â* I find it hard to believe that the transfer of data between client and server is so platform-specific that Macs cannot be easily supported. A similar issue arose with another bank a few years ago, and was resolved when Mac users complained.

Â*Â* If enough Mac Quicken users voice their dissatisfaction, perhaps Bank of America will reconsider its decision. I have already registered a complaint by telephone (800/933-6262), and I encourage others to do the same. I also have written Bank of America at the following address:

Bank of America Corporate Center

100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

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