Exporting Numbers to Excel

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I have a very large numbers spreadsheet I want to export to excel for collaboration. It contains a lot of numbers in the same cell eg. 111,123,124 and need to stay in this format. However when I export my spreadsheet they change to for eg.111123124. Is there any way around this??


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Amazing. 111,123,124 in English means "hundred eleven million, one hundred twenty-three thousand, one hundred twenty-four." Math is my life. It is inconceivable that you have a legitimate reason to change such a fundamental convention for the expression of numerical values. If you were to open that same set numbers in a text file, then [B]Excel [/B] would place each into its own cell.

    My advice to you is to explain exactly what you are trying to do. Someone here can then help you do it properly.
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