Illegal spam

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Most of the spam I get is just annoying and I have entourage fine tuned to throw it all in the deleted items folder. I'll check every once in a while to make sure nothing got in there by accident and I came across this email:


CBCom, Inc. (OTCBB : CBCI)

Immediate & Strong BUY Recommendation

Huge Analyst and Newsletter Coverage for CBCI

CBCI will be profiled by some major analysts and

newsletters along with the release of significant

news regarding explosive sales for the Company.

There will be huge volume and a strong increase in

price for several days. The same groups that featured

ONNN will begin coverage on CBCI. ONNN exploded from

$ 1.94 to $4.13 in six days. We know for certain that

the same groups are going to feature CBCI and even better

returns are expected.

CBCom, Inc. (CBCI) is the largest and fastest growing

non-government owned ISP and Internet services company

in China. CBCI, our top undervalued HOT PICK, is the

only Company of its kind to trade on a US Exchange.

Revenues are Exploding due to booming Chinese Internet

growth and CBCI's aquisition of many of its competitors.

We are very proud that we can share this information

with you so that you can make a profit out of it. It

is highly advisable to take a position in CBCI as soon

as possible, today before the market closes or tomorrow.

The stock could easily reach $4.00 in less than a month

on the strength of their upcoming contract announcements

and Strong Analyst Buy Recomendations.

When word gets out this stock will SOAR!



Isn't this type of spam illegal? It seems like the SEC would be all over this type of advertising. I feel like someone should report this somewhere, but maybe I'm over reacting?? On a related note: Where do spammers get my email address from? It's damned annoying.
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