Apple has a little work to do in the e-retail sector

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I always purchase my machines from a catalog. The tax hit is too high with the CA tax being 8.25% to justify buying from the Apple Online or retail stores.

So last Monday I purchased my first CPU thru the Apple online store (unique circumstances has afforded me a deep discount). The build time for a BTO was 5 days (business days). Now it is Monday, 6 business days later. I call to follow up as to where my order is and when it will ship. Turns out that my order has not even been built yet (the only thing I switched was GeForce to Radeon) and my card was not even charged until Thursday of last week.

If you ask me if they would have charged my card in an appropriate amount of time my machine would be further ahead in the line for a BTO. She looked at the components when I called and none of them are backordered and she really cannot understand why the machine has not been built yet and was not able to give me an answer.

There are a few things Apple needs to learn when it comes to running an online Store when there are so many other options out there that offer such better service. Sure I could have gone to a catalog (which I would have if it wasn't for the discount) and you would say that Apple gets the sale anyway. Wrong. Apple makes more money off of the Apple Store than anywhere else. It eliminates Ingram Micro and the catlog cut. Apple wants people more than anything to shop at the online Store. 4 days to process my card is unacceptable.

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