My G4 imac is being shipped in pieces?

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This is weird. I ordered my G4 imac on Jan 7th evening directly from It is a custom order due to the 1 dimm 512 megs of ram instead of the standard 256.

Today my status changed from Being Assembled to Partially shipped.

Maybe I'm special and apple will be sending my Imac piece by piece. I didn't order anything else, just the Imac. No peripherals, apple care or nothing...

Anybody else in the same boat?



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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    First they send you the box.

    Then you get the manuals.

    Then you get the smaller boxes that the mouse/kb come in.

    Then you get the software CDs.

    Then you get the iMac wrapped in bubble wrap and duct-tape.

    Then you get the mouse and keyboard one week later both in Logitech boxes with Japanese writing.

    Apple is trying to make it all more fun.
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