Mom needs a keyboard...

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I gave my Mom my old Bondi Blue iMac G3 333 with OS 8.6. She hates the black keys on the keyboard. I don't want to get stickers (priced anywhere from $16 to $36 dollars!). I know there are white replacement USB keyboards out there under at least $20. Saw some at Staples, but of course none Mac compatible.

Went to and they had only high priced ones as far as I could see. Anyone know where web wise to check out some inexpensive varieties? Thanks...


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    I think any ol' USB keyboard should be Mac compatible. It's just that without drivers the macro keys that some of them have won't function. That, and you won't have the volume and eject keys the Mac has.

    I think the alt and control keys are switched the other way on PCs... and I can't remember what maps to the apple key... hrmm... maybe the Windows button? If I can kind one, I'll get a USB PC keyboard tomorrow and try it out.
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    Didn't think of the macro keyboard functions (meaning the F1, F2 and F3 keys) and yet, this is the very first iMac. It didn't have a volume or eject key. Neither of these keys actually work like the new keys on iMacs. But it does have the power button feature on it (which I used but my Mom won't).

    Just something that'll function and she can be comfortable with. I think I'll check the Mac resellers around Philly today. I've been so busy job hunting that these other tasks get lower priorty...but it is Mom's dilemma...she's not computer proficient.
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