Think I got me a convert!

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This will basically be the first person I have directly converted over to the Macintosh platform. Someone at school came to me because I know about computers and wanted advice on a new computer for his audio recording (Cubase mainly). He is coming from a PC with all of his stuff for PC (numerous plugins, programs, recordings). So we started talking at first and I wasn't pushing a Mac originally. He said it had to be a PC at first, and he needed it to be a laptop. He thought he would be able to get the same power as desktops i.e. P4 or Athlon XP but I explained to him that the PC notebooks only ran up to 1.2 or 1.26 GHz I believe and were Pentium III-M or Athlon 4. Coming from a 1 GHz PC with 512 MB of RAM and a bunch of other decked out stuff he added, I explained to him that he probably wouldn't be seeing any improvement over his current setup since the mobile processors are slower. He said he would spend up to $3K for the fastest most powerful laptop he could get his hands on. So then I quickly went to Apple's websiteand remarked "I know you don't want Mac but this baby right here is the best laptop". Then I said that most musical artists use Macs and he said he knew they all used Powerbooks. Then we got him on the Ti track and voila, he's asking me which model and specing it out for him. I told him I'd give him any program any plugin he needed and I would get him a great deal on the PBG4. So today he comes up to me with the mini little brochure that he picked up from CompUSA on the PBG4!! We started discussing the game plan and I said wait till March and see what is out then because better ones could arrive and the current models could come down in price. He couldn't believe me when I told him that the new models would be the same price. And another thing, his friend came up and he went "Check out this sweet computer I'm gonna get". Looks like we got ourselves a new Mac user.

P.S. He didn't even mention "Why is the MHz so low?" and yet he knew they were 550 MHz and 667 MHz.

He also asked me whether to just get the 550 and up the RAM (He wants 1 GB he said) or go for the 667. There is a pretty big price difference but I think the 667 is probably a lot faster especially with a 133 MHz bus. Anyone know how much faster?


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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    get the 667. the 550 is not worth it. it's slower than the old 500 in some things.

    667 is neccessary IMo especially for audio work. hopefully they'll be an update in march so he can get the cutting edge powerbook
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    For the purpose of digital audio multitracking, definitely get the faster Powerbook if it's going to be your (his) main computer.
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Looks like Apple won't be updating anything until July.

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    Go for the kill Tiger. Make him get it NOW.
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