Still no iMac commercial?

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Okay, so it's not shipping in numbers yet, but I imagine it's starting to flow.

Why the heck isn't there any TV commercials?

Inserts in Entertainment Weekly and Business Week is fine, but in order to reach the masses, it's gotta be on TV.

Whatever and whenever one comes out, it's gotta to be a kick ass one that spares no punches.


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    I have a feeling where though there are no really bad Production problems, they fear that there may be, if they advertise too much and have everyone ordering, so they are probably waiting till at least the next model starts shipping. I'm sure that it will kick ass, and given the amount of attention and publicity the iMac has already gotten, I'm sure they will play the commercial alot and wherever they possibly can.
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    New print ads continue. Both the 12 pagers and a new 2 pager (Entgertainment Weekly, Business Week, Forbes, etc.).

    An iPhoto ad (the one with the baby being born) has appeared on MTV.

    Apple will not place mass tv promos (very expensive) until all 3 versions of the new iMac are readily available. That means March-April I guess.

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    Until you can go into a store and buy the new iMacs, I doubt you'll see an ad on television. Right now, demand is outpacing production. Why create more demand now?
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    They need something for the Tokyo keynote
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    In Tokyo Steve will demo t he iPod and hopefuly it will work. He will introduce the new iMac to Japan where it will be a BIG winner. There may be an intro of iMovie 3 but don't expect anything more.
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