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the treo palm/phone from handspring is now shipping everyone. and i just bought a scp-5150


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    I've been waiting for that thing to ship, like, forever!

    Well, ok, maybe just january, but I guess this does constitute the "Early 2002" they kept promising me. I was doubly pleased to see that they offer a trade-up program for current owners of the visor phone (like me), they wave the extra $150 it normally costs to get a treo without a service agrement, so you can just swap out your SIM card when the treo arrives and sell your visor phone setup on ebay, woo-hoo.

    So I ordered it, but, alas, it won't be shipping until the 25th, so I have to live another two-three weeks with my clunky visorphone. If anyone is interested, I currently have a visor edge, silver, that includes two flip covers (one blue, one silver), two styli, a rhinoskin aluminum hard case, a USB cradle, the springboard adapter, a quickcharger (for the visor phone), a visor phone carrying case and all the original software and packaging. I'm hoping to get about $200-250ish for the lot.

    any takers?


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