wOOt! dad wants an iMac, what's the ship time?

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i know the apple store is saying 3-5 weeks, but i'm wondering if people know of places that are shipping faster.

i do live right by the Mall of America Apple store, and i'll call them up tomorrow and see what time frame they're talking about.

but anyone here know of anyplace shipping them faster than 3-5 weeks?

my dad went to the store looking for a PC laptop, and i ended up steering him nicely over to the Mac section at CompUSA. i know he's been thinking about it off and on, he's getting really tired of windows, but i didn't think he'd bite yet.

in any case, he wants me to check on time frames, so i thought i'd double check here.

he he, he's been mocking me for using macs for years now, i think he might have finally sipped the kool-aid at least.


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    Good to hear Alcimedes. I love seeing new converts. As far as the Apple Store goes, I'm pretty sure most of them have a waiting list for the new imacs, though I'm not sure how long. I also heard that a couple of Compusa stores around the country actually have them in stock. Call around.

    Hope this helped

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